Survey participation notes

RONIN International only conducts market research surveys.

These are opinion-based with no right or wrong answers.

We will always ask for your consent to take part in a market research survey, which you can withdraw at any time.

All your answers will be reported anonymously and subject to strict confidentiality, unless you have specifically given your informed consent to be identified in the reporting. Your participation is voluntary and you can choose to withhold information as you see fit. 

We conduct all studies in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct and ESOMAR Code of Conduct. Please visit for more information.

In order to take part in market research surveys via RONIN International, you will need to provide your name and e-mail address, which will only be used as described in our Market Research Privacy Notice. If you don't receive the survey link in your inbox, please check the junk/spam folder or contact us, quoting your reference number.

Before a survey starts, we will ask you a few quick questions to confirm your professional profile and experience and make sure the full survey is relevant to you. RONIN survey rewards are for fully completed surveys or interviews.

For online surveys, on completion, you will be redirected to the RONIN Rewards website. Please click “next” and you will be redirected momentarily. After registering / logging into your RONIN Rewards account, please go to “New Incentives” and select your preferred reward method. If you experience any issues setting up your Rewards account, our Rewards team ( will be in touch within 14 working days of completion to set up your RONIN Rewards account manually.

For in-depth interviews and telephone studies, our Rewards team ( will be in touch within 14 working days of completion to set up your RONIN Rewards account manually. After receiving their emails, please make sure to log into the account and select the reward preference, so that the RONIN Rewards team can make the payments accordingly as soon as this project is fully closed.

The rewards can be redeemed via PayPal, Amazon voucher, or donated to a charity supported by RONIN (British Red Cross and UNICEF). For countries / regions where local Amazon vouchers are not available, you can choose to receive Amazon gift card from another country in a different currency (please contact us at

Payments will be made at the end of the entire project subject to satisfactory quality checks. Fieldwork timeline differs for each project, but in most cases reward payments will be made within 4-8 weeks.

RONIN International reserves the right to withhold awarding incentives to a participant if, in RONIN International’s judgement (1) survey responses are untruthful, invalid, or nonsensical; (2) a survey was completed too quickly; (3) open text answers are nonsensical or copy-pasted; (4) insufficient attention was given in answering survey questions; or (5) there is any evidence that the survey was completed by the same participant multiple times. Please refer to for more details.


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