ISO 20252 Certification - Why it matters

Consistent processes for reliable outcomes and quality data.

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Here at RONIN, the ISO 20252 Standard provides us with a framework to guide how we innovate and tackle challenges old and new. The Standard is not prescriptive—it gives us the confidence to put new process in place in the knowledge that it is aligned with best practice for excellent market research outcomes that we can replicate.

Xavier Fonder Compliance Director

It can be daunting to launch new processes or invest time and effort into new workstreams without knowing how to ensure they will be consistent with our clients’ expectations and our own requirements around quality. The Standard is a fantastic go-to reference to ensure we are applying time-tested principles to new ways of working.

When the time comes to introduce a new deliverable or service, knowing we have built in the ISO 20252 Standard into our process is a seal of quality that holds immense value, both internally and externally.

What does it mean for research buyers?

  • An independently-audited market, opinion and social research partner
  • Senior management sponsorship of client satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of our market research processes
  • A clear commitment to confidentiality and consistency of results
  • Adherence to regulatory and legal requirements

What does ISO 20252 cover?

  • Confidentiality of research
  • Records management
  • Personnel management
  • Information security (RONIN is also certified to ISO 27001)
  • Client relationship and complaints management
  • Adherence to the legal, regulatory and compliance framework

Our commitment to the highest market research standards

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You can view our ISO 20252 certificate below.

RONIN's ISO 20252 Certificate.